Transforming lives in Newington


Newington’s regeneration is funded by a £1million of funding from the Big Lottery Fund. It’s supported by the Big Local organisation and its committee is made up of residents just like you. Hannah joined us in 2015 and her experience in helping to reignite the Estate has had a huge impact on her life. Read her story here:

“My neighbour came to my house and said there was photography opportunity through Big Local so I got involved and my mum went with me. I’ve photographed all the neighbourhood events. I also helped to run the Easter event, and I’m also now a Newington ambassador. The Easter event was an Easter egg hunt around the Copse. All the tickets sold locally and promoted via our Facebook page.

I’m doing Community Chef and I’m a Creative Champion involved with “Best of Us” art project with People United. It's been challenging but rewarding. As an ambassador I will go around other Big Local areas inspiring them and will receive media training.  My involvement with the scheme has massively increased my sense of self-worth. I’d had a very long period of depression that had ended just before joining. I feel I’m doing valuable things now. It’s excellent as the others in your own community see what’s going on and I’ve been getting so much good feedback. It has helped me psychologically and feel great to be part of a tight-knit, supportive group.

I’ve lived in Newington for 14 years. Before volunteering I had a couple of friends on the Estate but no one else. Now I know lots of people I can say hello to.  I believe that the Big Local funding has been essential in helping our community see our community – and see ourselves in a more positive light.

Before, if you’d have asked me what I thought about living in Newington I would have said I hated it. Now I can see the visible results, like doing up the Community Centre, the Copse, the play area… You can see a difference and I feel differently too”.

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