Reviewing a year with films

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Reviewing a year with films

There are lots of different things that happen within one year and some you might of missed. We have worked with Buckle Up Films to capture some examples of how being involved has benefited some of the residents and the people around them.




Team Building

Now this is Team Work! Thanks to Porchlight some of the partnership went on a Team Building exercise with the Morning Star Trust in October 2016 for 6 days sailing from Southampton to Chatham . It was an amazing journey on many levels

Young People

Nova Marshall from Aim4 Partnerships CiC has been working with us in Newington for over 2 years. Together we run 'Newington Chill Club' every Monday evening at Newington Community Centre between 6 pm - 8 pm for young people aged between 10 - 19 years which is free to access.